Adding storage to existing solar – now with 35% more storage & 20 YEAR LIFETIME!

For pricing including installation, Call us for an estimate.

Storage Savings Raw Cost Final Cost Simple Payback Years Payback with EV Storage size
4kw/13.5kwh $335 $14,122 $8,325 24.9 4.5 13.5
4kw/27kwh $770 $19,268 $10,008 13.0 4.4 27
8kw/27kwh $770 $21,428 $11,607 15.1 5.1 27
SGIP rebate rate $/wh $0.20 EV2 rate Does not need EV to qualify – only solar+storage
ITC 26%

Pre-built Kits

These kits include a pre-assembled inverter and battery system (all electronics), delivered on a shipping pallet. See specifications here.

Final cost includes 26% federal tax credit and (California only) rebate. Shipping cost not included. Does not include cost for additional subpanels or ATS if needed. Note SGIP rebate is available in California only, and some regions in California do not qualify. Federal Investment Tax Credit is available in all USA.

Parts NOT supplied but needed for kit installation includes –  1″ EMT Conduit and #6 gauge wire from inverter to main panel (green, white, and 4 black). 50A two pole breakers at main panel. Two conductor #24 shielded stranded cable from rapid shutdown to inverter. Additional ground rods/grounding may be required by city ordinance.

Notes:  All electronics and batteries are warranted by respective mfg for 10 years.  All systems include a separate lockable interior/exterior mount box with rapid shutdown emergency switch, which shuts off inverter. PV inverter MUST be capable of remote shutdown also.

See datasheet here. 
Additional documentation here